"Ste Chedid and Ayoub and Co" is a steel trading firm established in the Lebanese market in 1978. It was founded by Mr. Elias Chedid and Mr. Jack Ayoub in Jisr El Bacha, Mar Elias street.


In 2001, after an accurate study assessing the market needs and identifying the existence of a growing demand for steel manufacturing, the company set a growth strategy to extend its original activity and conquering the growing market.


To this end, it inaugurated a manufacturing branch in Mekalles, industrial area. Since then the company succeeded to corner a good share of the market due to the qualified team and  the most sophisticated machineries.





Our Ambitions



We pride ourselves for being recognized as highly reliable and efficient in providing excellent quality. We aim to maintain our outstanding level in steel trading, contracting, and manufacturing. Our team consists of highly trained technicians who undertake professionally new challenges.






“Chedid and Ayoub” upholds commitment to quality, services and professionalism to all its customers.